Friday, April 22, 2016

How to escape your car if you're caught in a flash floo

How to escape your car if you're caught in a flash flood

How to escape a flooded car
Several drivers became trapped inside their cars this week after driving into flood waters. In emergencies like these, there are tools that can help drivers escape.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kaitlin McCulley was able to break the driver's side window from the inside using a tool called the "resqhammer." It cost about $29 dollars at Bering's Hardware on Bissonnet.

Check out the demonstration here:

Another tool that may be handy if the driver is completely submerged in water inside the car is a tool called "Lifesaver Tool." The device is spring-loaded, so it does not require a user to strike the window.

A company called Houston Junk Car Buyer provided a flooded car to use for the demonstration. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Springfield Police Department Once Again Seeking Buyer for Junk Cars

 SPRINGFIELD – The Police Department, just three months after selling 31 bashed, stripped cruisers from its rear lot, is back for another sales event this time featuring 17 old, junk forfeited cars now lining the same lot.
The cars now being sold, most dating back to the early and mid-1990s, are obsolete and in junk condition, said Police Sgt. Richard C. Hottin, fleet manager. The cars are being sold in a single package to one buyer, and must be discarded as scrap by the buyer under the bid requirements, he said.
Sealed bids are due by Dec. 11, at 2 p.m., at the chief procurement office at City Hall.
Many of the cars were turned over to the department by the District Attorney's office in forfeiture cases including some that were subsequently used by the department for vice squad and drug cases and surveillance, Hottin said.
In late August, Chuckran Auto Parts Inc. of Bridgewater, submitted the high bid of $7,055 for the 31 junk cruisers, with the company having to quickly remove the cars at its own expense, under the bid requirements.
The obsolete cruisers were in a heavily weeded lot on Worthington Street behind the police station at 130 Pearl St. The removal of the cars led to a major cleanup of the lot by the city, Hottin said.
The upcoming sale of the 17 junk cars will help to keep the lot more orderly, Hottin said.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tesla is turning its owners into a nationwide sales team

The dealer wars just got more interesting. Luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla launches a referral program, with new owners receiving $1,000 discounts and those making the referrals getting $1,000 of their own.

Back in 2013, when upstart electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla was in a bad way, founder and CEO Elon Musk pulled members from every area of the company and turned them into an internal sales force. That aggressive move kept the money flowing and helped save the company from acquisition by Google. Now, Musk wants to take that concept a step further, by turning current Tesla owners into a nationwide sales force.
Tesla is launching a referral program, where current Tesla owners can create a referral link to share with their friends. Anyone who buys a Tesla via a friend's link will receive a $1,000 discount on a new Model S. (Used models are not included in the program.) On the flip side, those doing the referring will get a $1,000 credit applied to their account, which could be used to buy service, accessories or put toward any future car purchase.
It goes a bit further. If you manage to sell five Model S sedans, you'll get an invite to the opening party at the Gigafactory in Nevada, which is sure to be a good time. Sell 10, and you will have the option of purchasing a Founders Series Model X.
This special edition of the car will carry special badging, and Musk says that he will "personally inspect each one." The Founders Series car will also include $25,000 worth of options for free -- and of course there will be that tidy $10k discount you'll get for having sold 10 Model S sedans.
Mr. Musk wasn't shy about the motives for this program, which comes as the company continues to struggle with existing auto dealership legislation in certain states, like Arizona and Texas.
"This is a way for us to have a guerrilla battle with some of of the auto dealer associations," said Musk. "We actually have Tesla owners in every state, but we're not allow to engage in sales in every state. But, customers who are not sales people can refer their friends. There's no rule against that. It is kind of a guerrilla tactic."
That said, he was quick to admit it's just something of a test. "If it works out well we'll keep going. If not, we'll say that was an interesting experiment and we'll move on." Even if successful, this program will not be replacing any of Telsa's current brick-and-mortar locations. "We don't have any plans to shut down stores, and we'll keep opening stores. It's just a question of how many stores we'll open."
And why $2,000? That's Tesla's average customer acquisition cost nationwide, and, Musk says, he would rather "give that money to our customers." Now, don't be surprised if your Tesla-owning friends suddenly get a bit more evangelical about their rides.

Backyard DIY Race Car Tracks Your Kids Will Love Instantly

Backyard or garden is a great place to set up a play area for your children. A fun and safe playground will make your kids away from the computers and be willing to stay outside. Just as this tyre race car track, it is easy and affordable to make, and will provide hours of fun for kids.
Go for an inexpensive one with cinder bricks and rocks – Get Tutorial:
Tutorial:  Image:
Make this you should look for an large pool noodle, and then cut it in half –
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Build a train railway in a garden table – Tutorial:
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